About El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant

Do you know why El Rancho Grande's signature chile verde is red instead of the traditional green? We do. We know this little secret because we preserved the time-honored recipes made famous by the restaurant’s founder and the original cooks who brought El Rancho Grande Mexican Food to Tulsa in 1950.

The Walden family originally served as landlord to El Rancho Grande. When the founders decided to close the restaurant in 1984, we saw the opportunity to keep a Tulsa original alive. We worked side-by-side with the restaurant staff to learn about the recipes and atmosphere that made El Rancho Grande a unique dining experience.

El Rancho Grande has always been known as a place where delicious food and gracious service turns many first-time visitors into weekly regulars. As patrons of the restaurant ourselves, it was our family’s mission to maintain all of its traditions and flavors.

Now, more than two decades later, we still work to deliver that same great experience every single day. We are proud to say that a number of those early regulars are still our well-treasured friends, greeted by name as they come in to enjoy a hearty house specialty and an icy margarita.

While there is much to be said for change, there is even more to be said for tradition. We believe we have found the perfect balance between the two, and we’d love the opportunity to share it with you. From the historic El Rancho Grande sign that still adorns the entrance of our one and only location, to our "Tulsa’s Best" cheese enchiladas and other house specialties, we constantly strive to preserve the restaurant’s sixty-year history while adding a little flare of our own.

And if you want to know the story behind our famous red chile verde, still made using the original recipe, come by for a taste and we’ll be happy to share the tale!

With sincere thanks for your patronage and friendship,